Friday, October 13, 2006

Deeper storms here!

My parents, brothers and sisters live in Chittagong. Most of my friends are in job and very busy with everyday schedule. In fact I am also one of them. I live with my friends and so happy. I share joys and small sorrows with them.

But there are some deeper sorrows which need to be expressed to someone who is the most closest. I believe that my best friend is me myself.

So I decided to express my deeper storms here. So that I can read them and share with someone who will appear in my life as the closest or someone who is unknown or may be with friends and parents, brothers and sisters.

If you read these stories please don’t forget to keep your comments or suggestions for me.


Blogger Nuruddin said...

hi roni vai

share your deepest sorrow with your younger sister.

i think you are the great person to her.

if u don't have younger sister u need to help your mom.

GOD bless u every time and every moment.

2:41 PM  

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