Friday, October 13, 2006

Eid without bonus

This is the third Eid after I came to Dhaka. This is a matter of great regret for me that I am enjoying this Eid without any festival bonus from the company.

This is a trap of one year fulfillment of job. Last year I was in another company. The Eid came just after one month of my joining to that company. So no festival bonus!

As I joined in this company in the middle of the year, so here also that trap! Though I did a two years contract signed here, they still keep that trap alive. As a result, No festival bonus! :(

So I dream for an Eid with bonus. The Almighty knows the best when my dream will come to an end.

I have the responsibility to sponsor my parents. This is a must do work. Perhaps I need to make again loan this time for some other must payments like loan payments. I have also younger brothers and sisters. Surely I will not be able to make them happy this time.

I am angry with the company. However I am not so frustrated. I believe that Eid is a global festival. The global environment of Eid festival will make me and you happy. It does not depend on silly matters like new clothes and so on…

At least this is my belief. Hope you will agree with me. Won’t you?


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